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Fast Set Up

Set up of the account is as easy as registering your account information, signing in, giving us some project specifics and we do the rest. We will keep you informed of potential timelines and dates that will insure the process is done quickly and easily with regards to getting power up and running. Please see the attached Builder Checklist for Timelines and Rates.

Competitive Pricing

Servant Energy represents several Retail Electric Providers (REP's) which enables us to find a valued rate and save our clients on costs throughout the project. We also offer our clients either fixed or MCPE (Index) rates that can be month to month, 6 month, 12 month, or longer to fit the life of the project. We can tailor make it for each project as we know each project is unique and different.

Temporary Power

Whether you need to get temporary power going for a project or generators to keep the job going, we feel we are your one stop shop to make this happen. Servant works to insure your projects get power up and running and handles coordination done with Oncor or any of the other TDSP's in the deregulated areas in Texas. It is as easy as signing up your account and registering your project with some project specific information that we need to get started and get power initiated.

No Hassle

Servant Power Xpress wants to take the pains and challenges of getting temporary power and eventually converting into permanent power. We truly appreciate any feedback you may have as we want this to be your portal and any way we can improve it only makes us better so that we can serve you. We look forward to helping you during your project and being a part of your team.

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