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Servant Power Xpress Power Generators

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Servant Power offers two engine-driven generator systems - MQ Power and DDC/MTU - for industrial, residential, and communications applications. Choose from single or parallel, skid-mounted or trailer-mounted, sound attenuated generators ranging from 10 - 2500 kW. Our units are industrial grade and can be utilized for standby and /or prime power applications, including new construction, municipal, disaster relief and hospital applications.

Generator Features

  • Meet or exceed all EPA and CARB emission standards
  • Double-walled fuel tank with 24-hour on-board fuel capacity (see specifications)
  • Single-point lifting capability
  • 3-way fuel valve to easily connect external fuel source for extended run
  • Lockable external fuel fill source
  • Customer-convenient cable connections
  • Oil-field duty skids or trailer mounted
  • Backup (reserve) lube oil makeup tank
  • Environmental fuel spill containment
  • Double-walled remote fuel cells
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation capability, single- or three-phased voltages
  • Hi/Lo voltage switchover or simultaneous dual voltage
  • Oversized alternator for superior motor starting capability
  • Overspeed protection
  • Remote operation & monitoring for units 500 kW and above
  • Customer-convenient electrical outlet
  • GFI distribution and cable available

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